Tucks medicated cooling pads are now available in South Africa.

For immediate relief from burning and itching associated with hemorrhoids, Tucks is the ideal product.

Tucks medicated cooling pads originate in the USA. They are the 2nd highest selling brand in the Rectal Medications Category in the United States, and have a 50-year legacy providing soothing comfort for hemorrhoids and other irritated tissue.

Pharmaceutical Enterprises introduces Tucks medicated pads through direct channels to the South African public. Yes, order from us. Just click here. Tucks medicated cooling pads are an over-the-counter (non-scheduled) product which helps relieve pain, discomfort and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

That said, Tucks medicated cooling pads are not limited to hemorrhoid sufferers only. The unique formula which includes Witch Hazel means that Tucks may be used for personal hygiene, vaginal irritation or swelling and sensitive conditions during and post-pregnancy.

“We are pleased to be distributing this product in South Africa, ” said Michael Brown, MD of Pharmaceutical Enterprises, ” it is not a new product, and already has a long track record in the United States. We know that it will be an effective pain-relieving product in South Africa.”

Tucks is available in cartons of 40 pads and 100 pads. Just select your preference.

So look out for retail listings, or simply order directly from Pharmaceutical Enterprises. We arrange nationwide delivery.