Stridex Acne pads

Be sure to seek out Stridex acne pads from our online shop, the next time that you are experiencing an acne outbreak, or when you need a deep cleanser.

Stridex acne pads are available in South Africa. They are produced in the United States of America, and contain Salicylic acid in varying percentages per w/w. The varying percentages of the acid, are the key differentiator in the variants of the product. In South Africa, the Sensitive and Maximum options are available.

Stridex Sensitive with Aloe

Stridex Sensitive acne pads

The Stridex Sensitive range is described as a single-step acne control. This means that if you experience a mild to medium breakout of acne or pimples, that Stridex Sensitive will have a gentle, soothing action on your skin to control the spots that develop. Essentially, it as a cleaning pad with an active ingredient to release the dirt from the skin-cell and to dissolve any unwanted oils.

Stridex cleansing pads achieves it cleansing process through a mild keratolytic action. This means that it removes the surface layers of your skin and unclogs pores which lie beneath. In the cleaning process, Salicylic acids removes the bond between the dirt and the skin, and allows for a complete clean. The level of 0.5% Salicylic acid, means that it can be used on sensitive skin. The aloe content of Stridex Sensitive has strong soothing properties which are great for maintenance of the skin.

A tub of 55 textured pads will cost R140-00 excluding a nominal delivery charge. Packaged in an identifiable green box, Stridex Sensitive is a wise starting point to controlling acne.

Stridex Maximum Acne pads

Stridex Maximum acne pads

If Stridex Sensitive is a good place to start, Stridex Maximum provides big punch to cleaning, treating and preventing acne. Stridex Maximum is an alcohol free, textured pad, used on your face to provide deep cleaning. If you are struggling with perpetual outbreaks of pimples and acne, Stridex Maximum is a more persistent fighter of acne than Stridex Sensitive.

Stridex Maximum acne pads contains 2% w/w of Salicylic acid. This is the maximum level that an over-the-counter product can contain before it needs to be scheduled. The strength of the acid means that stubborn dirt can be removed from your skin, leaving it clean.

When using Stridex Maximum, be careful. Consider first whether this product is suitable for your skin, and if necessary consult your physician. Look out too, where you wipe these moisture-filled pads. Avoid your eyes and lips and any other soft tissue. Once you have got into a routine of cleaning with Stridex Maximum, you may well realize that the product is preventing pimples from developing – that’s the sweet spot!

There are 55 soft touch pads in each container and Stridex Maximum is in the red box. Fortunately it is not more expensive than Stridex Sensitive and is also available online at Blistex.

Teenage issues

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

The mornings are the worst. You wake up, and before you pull back the bedcovers to stand up, you can tell that something is attacking you. The source of the pain is located on the temple, forehead – centre, or in the crease alongside the nose. But worse, it is when the ache is on the chin. The discomfort highlights what you can expect when you first look at yourself in the mirror.

“I am sure that I dreamed of self-confidence” you think to yourself. “I am beautiful, attractive, good-looking. Today I can raise myself to a grand height, ready to put my best foot forward.”


The mirror reveals that the pain is a damn pimple. It has dashed your day. It is sore, and already you know that behind the pain of one identifiable spot, hides the rest of the spot-brigade. Lead, usually by one significant yellow-headed dancer, the troop of blackheads have danced their way across your face during those dark hours of sleep. You can feel the groan of disappointment rise up through your body. Here starts another day in teenage “paradise”.

Photo by Nathaniel Chang

The truth is many people struggle with mild to severe attacks of acne. Fortunate teens, have the means to invest in a face, by visiting a dermatologist and embarking on a course of treatment that can last anything from three to 18 months. The result is that one is almost guaranteed a face that is presentable to the vain world in which we live. Less fortunate teens, are those that agonize through teenage years in the hope that the break-through to maturity won’t damage their hopeful good-looks forever. Whichever you are, when faced with an acne break-out, you find yourself in front of the mirror, each morning, hoping that the dancers have moved to another club.


Stridex is a skincare product-range which helps you remove the painful facial expression, which the mirror reflects each morning. Whatever remains of the facial dance-moves, you want to feel that you can be proactive about cleaning up the mess. It gives you some sense of power. It gives you a sense that there can be improvement. Stridex cleansing pads will help you do this.

Stridex is a range of soft-textured cleansing pads, made specifically for you – the acne sufferer. The soft, white pads feel cool and moist to the touch. They are light and thin and easy to run over the skin of your face. They are for everyday use.

Salicylic Acid

The function of Stridex cleansing pads is to remove dirt and oil from the skin-cells, and they have a keratolytic function. Keratolytic meaning: to remove the surface layers of the skin. When you are concerned about how many dancers are partying on your face each night, you really want something that will change their behaviour. Salicylic acid is a key ingredient of Stridex which changes the behaviour of red spots, black-heads and yellow pimples. The acid is an active ingredient, which breaks the bond between dirt and a skin-cell, and dissolves deep-down oil. It provides deep cleansing. The varying percentages of the active ingredient help you balance your acne-beating treatment. In South Africa, there are two variants of Stridex – Sensitive and Maximum.

Perhaps a little Stridex treatment will make a difference to the reflection in the mirror, maybe it will relax that frown. Maybe the dancers will move to another rave party, permanently. Try Stridex today!