Blistex Lip Medex – a little blue pot

Lip Medex

Blistex Lip Medex – a little blue pot is the lip-balm, which is steadily growing in popularity in South Africa. The little blue pot contains functional ingredients which relieve sore lips and restore moisture balance to dry lips. This means that during the winter month’s in South Africa, Lip Medex is a perfect product to keep your lips in good shape.

Lip Medex Ingredients

Lip Medex is an especially effective lip-care product because of its functional ingredients. The lip-care balm is a blend of individual ingredients like camphor, lanolin, cera alba, eucalyptus, cocoa seed butter, with others that soothe. All together, these ingredients create a tingling sensation which you immediately experience.

Ingredients in the little blue pot

Lip Medex has the following functions: Petrolatum and Lanolin have a waterproofing property which helps the length of effective lip-care. Cocoa Seed Butter adds a cosmetic pleasure to the lip balm and ensures that it is soft to the skin. Cera Alba – beeswax – is an ingredient in many lip care products, because of the soothing effect. And then there is Camphor, which is a protection and adds a scent to the lip balm. Menthol has a distinctive minty taste, and Eucalyptus leaf oil has various properties suited to a lip balm. The result is a lip balm which keeps you happy.


When you want to be happy, Lip Medex needs to be easily available. Lip Medex is available at the all major retail outlets in South Africa. The leading retail groups which stock Blistex are Clicks and Dischem, but that said, there is a good representation of Lip Medex and Blistex DCT at Woolworths, Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay. And if you thought that was all, Lip Medex is also available through the pharmacies like Alpha Pharm and Pharmed. Therefore, it is not difficult to find Lip Medex in a retail or online environment.

In summary

In summary, here are last statements of Blistex Lip Medex – a little blue pot. Medex is formulated to provide quick cooling lip relief you can feel working. It helps to restore a healthy moisture balance to lips. When you have Sore Lips: Lip Medex’s medicated ingredients deliver a noticeable and immediate cooling action to provide fast relief. And finally, in cases of Serious Dryness: Lip Medex provides a special barrier against moisture imbalance.